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Prenuvo – Digital Playbook

Prenuvo is a brand that specializes in providing the most precise and comprehensive whole-body MRI scans available today. Utilizing proprietary cutting-edge acquisition techniques and unique analytic software, they are able to make early and accurate diagnoses.

In 2022, Prenuvo approached our agency to help create a brand identity and social strategy playbook for their internal team. The goal was to develop a digital positioning and strategy that would make Prenuvo top-of-mind in the preventative healthcare space, ultimately leading to the development of lifelong members.

This digital playbook included research and analysis of the industry and competitor landscape, target audiences, digital strategy, voice & tone, and finally, social content pillars, thought starters, and example posts.

I was responsible for conducting social listening and research for the industry landscape and competitor analysis sections, as well as building audience personas. I also assisted in the creation of the overall digital strategy, social strategy, and social content pillars.

Overall, this project was designed to help Prenuvo stand out in the preventative healthcare space and build lasting relationships with its customers. My contributions to the project aimed to achieve this goal.

Below, you can see some of my work in this playbook. If you want to learn more about my competitor analysis and industry positioning exercise, you can read more on my other portfolio post.


Social Listening & Industry Research:


Personas & Audience Values:


Defining Brand Position:

Position Prenuvo in the digital space as the brand that is… Bringing your future into view.

The Promise: We will be there every step of the way
The Vision: Approachable, accessible, accurate information
The Mission: A guiding force in preventative health

Social Pillars:

  1. Prenuvo Portal To wash away the ‘what ifs’ and alleviate the fear of the unknown is what we aim for. Prenuvo is the gateway to a lighter, brighter, and more hopeful you. A clearer mindset and a more focused way forward.

  2. Invest in your Health People make all kinds of investments to set themselves up for success, so why should your health be any different? A good decision is based on knowing all the facts.

  3. Accessible Tech Successful pursuit of preventative health means availability for all. Lowering the barriers to entry, leading with empathy, and showcasing relatability will encourage those who may have never considered Prenuvo.

  4. Service at Length It’s the service that sets us apart. Our members trust us with their most intimate selves and we don’t take that for granted. Regardless of whether someone is hearing about us for the first time or those who are long-standing members, we will provide the best service through and through.


Social Positioning:

From an ambivalent you to an informed you. A new way forward with a Prenuvo perspective.


Key Performance Indicators:


Content Pillars:

  1. A Brighter Tomorrow Early detection means the power of tomorrow lies in today. Peace of mind, a clean bill of health, and control over your future are the secret to fuller days now and going forward. Empowering, optimistic, and uplifting content will help us showcase the Prenuvo Lifestyle and what it can offer our users.

  2. Knowledge is Power Prenuvo is a window into your entire body. This knowledge is power. This level of clarity is often hard to come by, especially on your own terms. Educational, debunking, clear content will highlight important information and address uncertainty in our community.

  3. The People of Prenuvo What better way to highlight the benefits of Prenuvo than through those that believe in it? We may be technology focused but we are people first. From past and current members to those providing the service, we want to ensure our audiences get an authentic view of what Prenuvo can do.

  4. Through Thick and Thin The process of booking a scan, going into the scan and the potential outcomes can be daunting. Prenuvo is there every step of the way, no matter the outcome. Advice, guidance, and transparent content will let our users know what to expect throughout the whole process.


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