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Arcane – Social Campaign

Arcane is a Netflix series created by Riot Games and Netflix to provide a storyline for select characters from the wildly popular video game League of Legends, which boasts over 150 million players worldwide. The show was in production for 7 years and utilized a studio in France for animation.

Upon taking on the project, my team and I quickly began to support the Riot team by developing daily content for all channels, as well as actively listening to and engaging with the community to stay informed about their interests and needs throughout the launch of the series. Our focus was on Social Media Management, which included Copywriting and Graphic Design/Creation, as well as utilizing Social Listening to carry out Community Management. A key challenge we faced was ensuring a strategy to maintain conversations and mentions even after the release.

The 9 episodes of Season 1 were released in 3 chapters over 3 weeks in November 2021. We developed a campaign that utilized social listening and proactive community management to keep the community engaged on Twitter (the main platform for the campaign and the League of Legends fan base) and Instagram (mainly for fan art). I used tools such as Tweetdeck and Meltwater to constantly monitor conversations and trends, allowing us to tailor our content to match the sentiment of the community.

With the massive following of League of Legends and the buzz surrounding the Arcane show, our content reached millions of viewers. Despite the high-pressure environment, I am proud of the work my team accomplished, including overcoming challenges with reactive and proactive community management and content, and ultimately achieving successful results with the campaign. The series became one of the most talked-about on social media, including trending at #1 on a global Twitter trend and trending in almost 40 countries in just one week - all thanks to our campaign efforts.



Key Insights & Learnings

  1. Strategic Tone of Voice Our team was able to work on defining Arcane’s digital tone of voice early on in the campaign, at the beginning of November. This allowed us to resonate with the audience, and not sound like an outsider, which all led to our success over the 4 month campaign.

  2. Content Creation After the finale in November, most of the content for December, and all the content for January and February, aimed to continue to generate conversations and discussions about the show. This was relatively a bigger lift than November, since our team had to strategize new content, post types, creative and copy that helped achieve that exact goal.

  3. Reactive Community Management Strategy Our team was proactive and had their ears to the ground throughout the campaign. Initially, for November, we helped draft live and reactive content on Twitter to be published during the live premieres of each act. This allowed for us to watch along with the community, react to the same scenes with them and this helped amplify the hype for the show. We conducted regular social listening efforts to create more reactive content, to trend-hack and be more current. We paid close attention to trending topics within the community and pivoted to creating posts on social that facilitated those conversations (eg. Viktor reel). Our ability to change directions and come up with new content ideas on the spot was due to our diverse team of creatives and strategists.

Channel Growth


Audience Growth


+ 171,000


+ 454,000


+ 406,000

Social Metrics

  • 2.43 Million Mentions on Twitter

  • 353 Million Impressions on Twitter

  • 330 Million Reach on Twitter

  • 3.8% Twitter Engagement Rate (Nov 2021, Dec 2021, Jan 2022)

  • 5.1% Twitter Engagement Rate (Feb 2022)

  • 916k Unique Twitter Mentions


  • 686k Link Clicks

  • 2.96 Million Favourites

  • 37k Replies


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