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Prenuvo – Competitor Analysis

Prenuvo is a brand that specializes in providing the most precise and comprehensive whole-body MRI scans available today. Utilizing proprietary cutting-edge acquisition techniques and unique analytic software, they are able to make early and accurate diagnoses.

In 2022, Prenuvo approached our agency to help create a brand identity and social strategy playbook for their internal team. The goal was to develop a digital positioning and strategy that would make Prenuvo top-of-mind in the preventative healthcare space, ultimately leading to the development of lifelong members.

I was responsible for conducting social listening and research for the industry landscape and competitor analysis sections, as well as building audience personas. I also assisted in the creation of the overall digital strategy, social strategy, and social content pillars.

Below, you can see some of my work on the competitor analysis, as well as industry research, positioning, and areas of opportunity that I presented to the client. If you want to learn more about the rest of the playbook, you can read more on my other portfolio post.


Since Prenuvo offers a very unique service, there was only one real direct competitor in the industry, Ezra.

A brief analysis of Ezra's social landscape provided us with an inside look on their social and digital strategy.

Prenuvo, a health-tech company, wanted to position itself as a leader in the health and fitness industry by providing a unique service that combines preventative and proactive health measures.

Through research and analysis, we identified that most people only visit the doctor when they are already feeling unwell, which is a reactive approach to health.

On the other hand, many individuals make conscious choices to maintain their health through clean diets, regular exercise and visiting health professionals, which is a proactive approach.

This insight led us to position Prenuvo as a preventative health service that allows individuals to take control of their health by catching potential illnesses before they experience symptoms. By offering preventative health scans and imaging, Prenuvo fills a gap in the market, appealing to those who make proactive lifestyle choices and want to take a preventative approach to their health.


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