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The Cuphead Show – Community Management

Cuphead, a popular video game franchise, quickly gained a cult following after its release in 2017. Capitalizing on the game's success, Netflix decided to create an animated series based on the game. My agency was approached by Netflix to help create an impactful release campaign for the show, which was released in February 2022.

In this portfolio post, I will detail my role as the strategy lead in creating the show's tone and voice, as well as managing the community during the campaign. Additionally, you can read more about my contributions to the campaign in my other portfolio post.


The biggest challenge of the campaign was to generate organic conversations online leading up to and following the release. To achieve this, I proposed the idea of creating weekly personas based on characters from the show and game, who would "take over" our Twitter page each week. This approach would provide fresh and engaging content for the community, allowing them to interact with different personalities from the show and game they already know and love.

To ensure that the personas were authentic and relatable, I conducted research to develop personality traits for each character and created sample copy for each persona. This approach, along with my proactive and reactive community management strategy, allowed for a more personalized and interactive campaign experience for the fans, where they could have one-on-one conversations with each persona. You can read more about the full campaign and results in my other portfolio post.

Below, you can find the persona plan, along with the research and sample copy I created.


As the lead and sole strategist working on this project, I was also the community management lead for the campaign. I was responsible for daily monitoring of social media mentions on Twitter (natively), Tweetdeck, and Meltwater to track conversations, trends, and mentions of Cuphead and The Cuphead Show.

Working closely with a skilled copywriter at my agency, I crafted responses to community tweets and mentions, including answering questions, addressing comments, and highlighting fan art submissions. You can see some examples of these responses below, and all posts, creative assets, and tweets can be found on the @CupheadShow Twitter profile during January and March 2022.

Cuphead Voice:

Elder Kettle Voice:

King Dice Voice:

Devil Voice:

Quadratus Voice:


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